Professional air conditioner cover manufacture


Professional air conditioner cover manufacture, details about outdoor decorative air conditioner cover

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What is Outdoor Aluminum Decorative A/C cover?
With the continuous improvement of life, air conditioning has become a part of everyone’s life, but the air conditioner hanging outside the house has a great impact on the appearance, and there are certain safety risks, how to solve this? Then aluminium Decorative A/C covers are the good choice to decorate it with customized size, beautiful colours, wonderful designs, patterns and so on.


Outdoor Aluminum Decorative A/C cover is a new type of exterior wall decorative material that uses high-quality aluminium alloy plate(1100H24, 1060H24, 3003H24, 5005H24 series and another special single-layer aluminium alloy) as the base material, and then is formed by numerical control bending technology and CNC punching technology.


Surface Treatment: PVDF / Polyester Painted, Powder coated.




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