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We’re believers that brand and our Services purpose and delivering on it consistently can be a huge driver in growth. We’ve established a reputation for delivering impressive results across branding, web and digital projects.

Your company branding is more than just a logo, or what your brand identifies as. Brand experience is your whole brand, including how you interact and connect with your customers and audiences. 

A strong brand will create reliability for conscious consumers which will open the door to customer loyalty & satisfaction. 

Brand Experiences

Using creative branding & messaging to shine above your competitors. 


Developing a bold, authentic strategy and delivering it consistently across all communication channels is the foundation for your success. Let’s make it awesome!

  • Planning & Evaluation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • PPC
  • Public Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Strategy. 
Car, truck or van wrap contests - designs, pick your favorite.
Car, truck or van wrap contests - of designs, pick your favorite.

Your company branding is more than just a logo, or what your brand identifies as. Brand experience is your whole brand, including how you interact and connect with your customers and audiences Our specialist design team at Reward can create and grow your brand which will not only have an established identity and positioning in your industry, but a memorable one, which will leave customers returning time and time again whilst you continue to establish a growing consumer base of loyal customers who will help grow your brand further into the future.

While the world has transitioned steadily into the digital realm, there’s been a renewed interest in the power of printed materials. Things like beautiful packaging, business cards and of course, stationery.

When you think of stationery, the stodgy designs of our parents’ annual newsletters or the stern typefaces of a lawyer’s letterhead might come to mind. But stationery comes in many forms, from bold and fun to classy and elegant and everything in between. And the best part is, it’s a part of your brand you can hold in your hand. An email dashed off can always get your basic message across, but there’s no denying the weight of a real letter, whether you choose to type or write it out.

Digital mapping

 Create interactive 2D and 3D digital indoor floor maps for your building, define points of interest, and connect them with the right routes.

Indoor navigation

Transform your building into interactive digital floor maps with effective search and guiding tools to help visitors find their way indoors. company has been helping airports and airlines improve customer experience by making their communications with passengers more efficient. Based on our experience we have built our content management system and integration platform. The platform processes real-time data originating from operators and data interfaces and passes it on to passengers using audio messages, displays, LED panels, information booths, mobile phones, websites, social media networks, and other communication channels. While we believe we offer the very best and unique value through our content management systems, you would be justified in asking what makes us unique. These are some of the main reasons why our platform is like no other:We offer the only fully unified all-in-one content management system – with the touch of a button, you can inform passengers via voice, displays and direct onto their mobile phones instantly, accurately, and simultaneously


Every day millions of people interact with the destinations we’ve helped to craft.

In doing so we assist our partners to maximize the growth potential of their assets through harnessing the power of place.

 Our carefully crafted strategies ensure the projects and experiences our clients deliver across hospitality, retail and the public realm connect and resonate with their audience with context and meaning. This in turn provides their visitors with engaging experiences and memorable moments that lead to higher levels of repeat visitation.

 Our practice goes about this in a variety of ways by distilling more than 20 years of insights across visitor journey & narrative design, placemaking, public art and wayfinding into a unique methodology that is tailored for each engagement.

But before we do any of that we have a conversation. 

We are Creative Dialog.

Digital Exhibitions and Events

Exhibitions and events are valuable for businesses because they allow face-to-face communication and offer opportunities for networking

Exhibitions provide the chance to display or demonstrate your products and meet customers face-to-face. Learn how to make the most of exhibitions.

Duplex Prefabricated House solutions, which KAIIAN manufactures and offers to its customers, give the users the feeling of living in a villa. It is possible to make all kinds of changes in the measurements on these kinds of structures which have great aesthetic lines and offer the chance to choose the customers. In other words, it is freedom in measurements. With Steel system which is one of the brands of Hekim Holding, designing and production can be done according to the desired dimensions and models without depending on the panel dimensions. Again, this is another unique feature in UAE as well as many other features.

Digital Services

Digital transformation presents huge opportunities for brands. With the growth in e-commerce expected to continue over the next decade – having an effective digital strategy, eCommerce site + user experience is essential.

man with ties Blue meeting Client

Strategic Planning

Without a strategy, projects fail. Understanding your market & demographic are vital to the campaign and ongoing marketing success. Our Strategic Planning service incorporates workshops, research & strategy.

We’ve supported some pretty cool conscious brands over the years.

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