KAIIAN a group of seasoned marketing professionals from some of the largest marketing firms in Charlotte came together with an idea. A big idea. An idea so big it could only be described as an “KAIIAN.” The idea was to stay small. They shared the belief that the marketing agencies that foster the most creativity and productivity are those that stay lean and fiercely protect their company culture. They set out to create a tight-knit team of marketers who share a passion for producing inspired work.

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We build results-oriented brand strategies and continually refine your campaigns for the greatest outcome. From full-scale marketing and advertising strategy, right through to our precise execution and reporting...that's right, we've got you covered.

It’s all about embracing your brand’s vision—and our top creative minds make it happen with a boutique digital agency approach. We may be based out of SATX, but we don’t believe in limits… and neither should you.

Your brand is more than a logo, a tagline, a product or a service. Your brand is a feeling, an experience, a memory and a relationship. Let’s work on it together..

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