Wooden cabin, Portacabin, Container cabin, Office cabin & Security cabin,  Accommodation Cabin, Kitchen cabin, ACP Cladding type Cabin, PU Panel Type Cabin, PVC Tent, Car Parking Shade, Hoarding Fence, Sign Board, Diesel Tank, Flag Pols, Interlock Tiles – Frames camping sites and are even suitable for no construction zones. All our units come complete with all the finishes required which means you get your portable cabin/caravan ready to move in. A customer even has a choice of customisations just like you buy a car. Our portable cabin/caravan are manufactured #offsite in our manufacturing unit in SAUDI ARABIA AND DUBAI INDUSTRIAL AREA, We offer a 10 years warranty for any manufacturing defects or leakages due to rains and our units are designed to withstand any harsh weather whatsoever.


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