Menu printing: Make your food look as good as it tastes.

Whether you’re looking for dine-in or to-go menus, we’ve got an option for you. Easily create one that reflects your restaurant or café’s cuisine–and showcases your most popular dishes. And if you’re switching to take-out and delivery, you’ll find single-use and disposable menus for every price point. We have a variety of paper stocks and formats available – so you can include a menu with every to-go order or delivery bag. This makes it easy for your customers to order from home when they have a craving for your food. We also offer menu accessories like countertop holders and menu sleeves so you can showcase and protect your menus.
Start by choosing a template or uploading your own. Then, list all your options and prices, add your logo and contact info, and spice things up with photos of dishes fresh out of the kitchen.

 Menu styles

  • Single page: A standard 8.5″ x 11″ single sheet letterhead, with an option for full-colour or grayscale double-sided printing. Perfect for delivery and take-out services.
  • Tri-fold: A standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet folded three times, offering six separate panels. Ideal for larger menus and displaying additional information like images, maps and reviews.
  • Long: A flat 3.74″ x 8.27″ sheet (the same size as one panel of a tri-fold menu), with an option for double-sided printing. Convenient for smaller menus, food trucks and restaurants with a more limited selection of dishes.

Paper stocks for single-page menus

  • Standard glossy: 100 lb paper (4.5-6pt). Shiny and reflective, great for photos and vibrant colours.
  • Standard matte: 100 lb paper (4.5-6pt). Smoother appearance and more contrast for easy readability.
  • Standard Recycled: 80 lb paper (4.5-6pt). 100% post-consumer recycled paper, with a light texture.
  • Premium Glossy:  100-110 lb cover (9.5-14pt) shiny card stock, similar to a postcard.
  • Premium Matte: 100-110 lb cover (9.5-14pt) uncoated card stock, similar to an invitation.

Paper stocks for long menus

  • Standard glossy: 90 lb cover (14pt) silk card stock with a glossy coating. Perfect for photos and images.
  • Premium matte: 98 lb cover (16pt) matte uncoated paper stock, for a smoother appearance and more contrast.
  • Premium recycled: 110 lb cover (14pt) recycled paper stock, for a more natural feel. Made from 100% recycled materials.

Paper stocks for tri-fold menus

  • Standard glossy: 100 lb paper (5pt) glossy stock. Perfect for photos and images.
  • Standard matte: 70 lb paper (5.5pt) no glare stock. Great for readability and easy to write on.
  • Premium glossy: 100 lb cover (9pt) glossy stock, with a weightier, higher quality feel.

Menu Accessories

  • Menu Holders: Clear acrylic holders to display menus on counters and tabletops. Holds long and tri-fold menus.
  • Menu Covers: One pocket clear vinyl menu covers, with elegant black trim and silver brass corners. Easy to clean, and protects menus from spills and stains. Holds 8.5″ x 11″ menus.

Beautiful, consistent colours.
Vistaprint just received the G7 Master Qualification, a certification for the highest accuracy, consistency and quality of full-colour printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a restaurant menu?
A: Start by writing down all your menu items and organize them into sections like appetizers, specials, beverages, or any other category. Then, add your prices and a short description of each item. We also recommend adding a QR code (linking to your website, online menu, google maps location & more), and a couple of professional, high-quality photos of your signature dishes. You can also choose a customizable design from our wide selection of templates for different purposes and themes, like catering menus or ice-cream-food-trucks brochures.

Q: How much does it cost to make a menu?
A: You can check out the menu printing prices above after selecting your menu style, paper stock and quantity. We have a wide range of options available for every budget.

Q: Do you offer take-out menus?
A: Yes. Depending on the number of menu items you’re offering you’ll be able to find a menu option that works best for your restaurant – including single page, tri-fold or long styles.

Q: Do you print disposable menus?
A: Yes. Our tri-fold (matte) and single-page menus are a convenient option for single-use purposes – especially for take-out and delivery services.

Q: Do you offer bi-fold menus?
A: No. We currently offer tri-fold and single-page menus, but for more options check out our brochures product offerings.

Q: Why should I use menu covers?
A: Menu sleeves offer an efficient and elegant way to present your menu cards and avoid frequent reprinting. Plus, they protect your menus from spills, stains and wear. They’re also easy to clean with a damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray.

Q: How soon can I get my menus ordered? 
A: See shipping information.

Custom Menus

Eye-catching menus for take-out or dine-in.

  • Perfect for take-out, delivery & dine-in
  • Single page, tri-fold & long styles
  • Multiple paper stocks & finishes (see below)
  • Holders available in select sizes
  • The single-page menu covers available
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